Landscapes in Bozeman, MT

A landscape represents a coming together of the natural world and the customer's needs. We value our landscapes because of their aesthetic interest, their function and their artistic inspiration and composition. We build landscapes that compliment the structure and add value to the property. Many homeowners feel that the inside of the home is the most important when it comes time to sell, but the outside is absolutely just as critical. A well designed, constructed and maintained landscape can add an 8-10% value to your home.

At Greenspace we consider the function of plants for each environment such as the need for shade, privacy, wildlife habitat and color. We also consider the structure of the plants by using massing and layering techniques and all season interest. We create and link outdoor spaces depending on activities and the pedestrian flow. We highlight focal points and hide less pleasing elements in the garden.

The installation of the landscape is critical to its long term success. After the scope of work has been defined and the materials have been approved, appropriate grading and earthworks are performed to address drainage and water retention. Special consideration is made to protect trees, topsoil and utilities.

We then engage in the hardscape layout and construction of structures, pathways, fences, water elements, and other features. The installation of lighting and irrigation systems are integrated into this phase as well. After the planting work is done, we fine-tune the irrigation system to ensure appropriate and adequate watering efficiency. Where appropriate,  mulch is applied to minimize water loss, reduce weeds, and improve the soil. We then detail the landscape to ensure a finished product with a high level of curb appeal.

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