Plantings and Landscaping in Bozeman, MT

A professional landscape plan that incorporates carefully selected plants greatly enhances the appearance of your home or business. Greenspace Landscaping, Inc. will help you select the plants that are appropriate for the microclimates in your landscape. Whether you are looking for trees and shrubs to attract birds, create a windbreak, or a colorful flower palette for your garden, Greenspace will meet the needs and desires of each individual client we serve.

Montana has a very diverse and unpredictable climate. Temperature, drought, wind, sun, shade and precipitation are all factors that influence proper planting strategies. The knowledgeable staff at Greenspace will work with you to ensure planting is designed and installed correctly the first time so that your landscape will continue to flourish for years. Many species of plants bloom at different times; from early spring bulbs, perennial flowers for color, ornamental grasses for texture to bright fall foliage, Greenspace will ensure your garden provides color and interest throughout the season.

Greenspace will work closely with you to create a garden that will enrich your outdoor living space. Your garden should be a place of inspiration and serenity and our team can help you achieve this goal.

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