Community and Environmental Stewardship

At Greenspace our goal is to run a responsible business that includes a commitment to sustainability practices and incorporates community and environmental contributions. Greenspace dedicates time, money and resources to organizations that help make Bozeman and the surrounding area a better place to live. Our firm is active in working as a team on community projects and Greenspace managers are given paid time to volunteer their services. This is a great way for Greenspace to give back to the community that has supported us over the many years we have been in business.

The successful partnership between Landscaping and Sustainability is evident in our daily operations and decision making. We take into account how our business practices will impact our customers and our employees, wildlife habitat, health, environment and the value and equity of the property. We have created and utilize a Waste Reduction Manual to streamline our processes and ensure that we are reusing and recycling materials, reducing our carbon footprint when possible and encouraging sustainable design practices and thus energy savings. And of course, we have installed thousands of plants in our years of business all of which are carbon sinks, filter our air, create wildlife habitat and reduce erosion.

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