Our Studio/Office & nursery

Our Studio/office and shop facility is located on the East Frontage Rd. in Bozeman. Situated on a 4.5 acre lot, the site is flanked on either end by the beautiful Bridger and Mt Ellis mountains. We purchased the lot in 2000 and with steady growth we have built a design studio/office, equipment storage shop and nursery.

For the office construction we wanted to use reclaimed/recycled building materials in our project and set out to source some of interest. We located an old dairy barn in downtown Bozeman off of Broadway that was about to be torn down by developers. We spent the winter months carefully deconstructing the barn and saved the barn materials from the fate of being brought to the landfill.

We utilized the metal roof as our siding, old barn wood for all of our outdoor and indoor trim; we used salvaged granite for benches, old iron pieces for planting pots and even playground equipment as outdoor seating.  

We feel we have been successful in incorporating reclaimed materials both in the landscape and the architecture and are proud that we preserved some of Bozeman’s history in the walls of our office. It’s a warm and inviting studio and we welcome you to come by to visit.

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